Technical / Quality Control-Aquael

Quality Control

For Aquael, making a shower door is more than just assembling aluminum, glass and hardware. Each component is selected according to very strict standards.
Each supplier is carefully chosen according to a specific need; each piece is designed and created by our engineering group to provide a high quality component.
Subsequently, a multitude of tests are used to validate the lifetime of each component: Corrosion tests on the hardware, UV test on PVC gaskets, cycling tests for the rollers and hinges, tempering tests for glass, all to offer a product of very high quality and to ensure that our products will meet your requirements as long as possible.
Our commitment is to provide you a shower door that is easy to install, easy to maintain and will exceed all your expectations.

CUPC and CE compliant instruction 
lab under development
Corrosion test
(ASS test & NSS test)

Cycle test

Tempering test on every batch of glass

Tempering test on every batch of glass

Vibration test system for packaging 
(meets ISTA requirement)

Water leakage test

Impact test

Roller loading test

UV test

Engraving of order number

Gauge for aluminum

Drop test

Resistance to chemical and stain test

Heat quench test

Resistance to wet and dry cycling

Brightness test Brightness test Sealing test